Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Make America Great Again

I'll bet $18, that these two d-bags used to tell "hippies" protesting (fill in any) war, "America, love it or leave it". 

I will also bet $18,000,000,000,001 they don't see the irony in something like that.

Normally, I might say, "this is where we are in this fucked up life", and were might have been there, but now it's a week later, so I'm sure we've gone to an even lower level.

To really piss them off, people should start insinuating the are a "couple".  Life partners. Longtime Companions. Homos. Butt pirates. ...and the one that would really steam them: "Faggots".

The joke they truly don't get?  We are 2.7 steps away from BEING Russia. So their wish is BLOTUS' command....or commandant комендант.

I'd love to see what job them mexi-cans have taken from their fat-fingered hands. Probably none, as it looks they aren't talented enough to pick lettuce for 12 hours a day, and couldn't clean a bathroom to even Taco Bell's standards if their lives depended on it.

So yes, Bruce & Bruce (well, I'm assuming....but when you say their names do it mockingly with some extra esses and a limp wrist), please, go to the motherland and get your monthly bread rations and live out your days sucking Putin's dick.   ......though he'll imprison you for it after he cums.  Just an FYI.

Song by: Pussy Riot


Raybeard said...

Doubtlessly they can speak Russian too - fluently!

anne marie in philly said...

don't let your children inbreed; they will produce fucktards like these two.

Deedles said...

Of all the tone deaf stupidity! These people (I use the term lightly) probably have parents and/or grandparents rolling in their graves right now.