Thursday, May 10, 2018

Say Goodbye

I dare say, I am weak.

Whilst a young lad, Fleetwood Mac was probably my favourite band (well, until I discovered Blondie a year or two later).

Nine years ago, I posted / swore I would never go back to see them.

It seems I've myself................and more you.  {sob}

But since the band fired Lindsey Buckingham a month ago, and then announced they're replacing him with two folks, I was intrigued.  ....well, at least by one of the folks.

While I'm sure Mike Campbell, who was about to start collecting unemployment after losing his job in the Heartbreakers, will do a fine job as the band's lead guitarist, it is the addition of Neil Finn as the third vocalist, that actually got me to purchase tickets to their show this upcoming autumn.

Don't ask for any rationale for this - there is none. I've searched high and low for a true reason I bought what are just overpriced tickets.   I'm curious about song selection and harmonies. I'm not sure curiosity is going to be enough, but we will see.

This isn't the first time Buckingham has left the band, but no doubt the last. Technically, I don't think it was his decision this time.

I can guarantee you this will be the last time.  I mean, at 60 Finn is the youngest by a decade - so some part of me thinks part of the band won't even make it to the start of the tour, let alone the end of it.

Song by: Fleetwood Mac

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Bob said...

AS much as I love Buckingham, having Neil Finn in the and is intriguing.