Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ad of the Month

I hate-love this commercial.

It's not that I care it's about women's contraception.  Au contraire mon frère. I'm all for them if it means less kids running around.

I think I hate it because they make women look stupid that they cannot remember they actually went to a doctor's office to get an implant put in their arm and filed the paperwork to have it paid for, or to pay for it know, if they work at Hobby Lobby.

It's a one minute ad, but feel free to start at the 0:48 second mark. It really shows the part I like. A woman who could barely scrape by as a below average Giada De Laurentiis look-a-like, who meets her date and panics, then shows relief when she remembers that she can fuck him.

The biggest flaw is she's gonna give it up for such a milquetoast guy - but it might be the best can she do.

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Deedles said...

Look at it again, hon. They didn't forget about an implant, they couldn't remember if they took their pill. That happens quite often with any medication.

That milquetoast dude is cute! A lot better than Woody (barf) Allen and look at how many women he's had.

The side effects portion of these ads always make me laugh, except for the ones that are dealing with stuff I'm taking :)