Friday, May 25, 2018

Too Young to Kneel

Ahhhh.....nothing says love of country more than forced patriotism.

The NFL is the biggest bunch of pussies I've ever had the pleasure of not meeting.

If you're a rapist, a murderer, assault your wife, have dogs fight to their death, rob folks, drive drunk, get high, assault your wife again - well, you're still good for their starting line up.

If you kneel during the national anthem, well..... you're shit out of luck.

If you kneel, the player and the team are subject to an NFL fine - though it seems the dollar amount is uncertain. The teams themselves can also discipline any offending player.

All of this was owner agreed to, no player involvement. Shocking.

The owners would rather bow to BLOTUS' criticisms than support their players. Scratch that - the owners would rather bow to the greenback a-dollar than support the players - you know, the guys that play the game that provide them greenbacks.  But BLOTUS supporters will financially hurt the ad revenue, so it all ties.

Yeah - I get that NFL teams are private companies and are not bound by the first amendment, but still, it is not a great example they're setting.

Oh, there is a compromise:  player can sit out the anthem in the locker room. Yes, a peaceful, invisible protest. I think that's what Rosa Parks did.

IF the NFL were so damned serious about "the anthem", cameras should be turned to the flag and only the flag. No panning through the crowds and the sidelines which are filled with product placement. It's not about Gatorade, it's about the fucking flag, people!

And shouldn't the fans be forced - yes forced - to watch the anthem. No talking. No drinking. No going out to buy 22oz beers and food. Shut down the concessions until the anthem is over.

Ohhhhhhhhh......right.   $$$$$$.    How quickly I forgot.

What I don't get - and I don't - is that save for the San Francisco 49ers  (where this all started with Colin Kaepernick ) who abstained from the vote, the vote for these rules were unanimous.  That's not the part I don't get.  The New York Jets co-owner said he would pay the fines if the players don't choose to stand.

DUDE!  I guess nice work on that one, but where was that fucking backbone during the vote??

Here's the way to win - if you're a player. Every one of them, take a knee. Every week. The rub is - the NFL can't play without the players. They can't play with a bunch of 3rd and 4th stringers. Well they can, but no one is gonna watch that shit.

The video below is quite awesome. I'm not a Golden State Warrior fan, but their coach, Steve Kerr, used to play for the Cavs. I love how he bashes - nicely - the NFL. And he's right to do it.

I'm tired of the 'disrespecting the troops'.  I'm sorry - I didn't realize the American flag was for them and them only. If you want to respect America, then do it for all of what it means. And since there isn't a law against kneeling, sitting or taking off your hat, then shut the fuck up.

I find it laughable that BLOTUS thinks the flag and anthem need respect when he does not give the country, or anyone else, respect. He doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Song by: Echo & the Bunnymen


anne marie in philly said...

stop playing the fucking anthem outright at ALL sporting events!

a football game AIN'T a "rah rah murikkka first 4th of july" event!

Bob said...

This infuriates me.
It.s not about the anthem, it's never been about the anthem.
But then, if it was a white player who started kneeling first we wouldn't have this issue, but since it was a black man ....