Monday, May 07, 2018

My Music Monday

There is a new disk out of Johnny Cash songs.  Well, lyrics.

Johnny left behind lyrics and poems but had not written music for them. John Carter Cash has taken those and gathered artists to complete and record these songs, giving the world new Johnny Cash music, albeit interpreted.

This is in a collection called Forever Words.

There are some expected artists - daughter Rosanne, and stepdaughter, Carlene Carter. Then his remaining Highwaymen - Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

There are few more traditional artists - Brad Paisley, T. Bone Burnett and even John Mellencamp, and today's artist Alison Krauss & Union Station.

Then you have some non-traditional artists too:  Chris Cornell, Jewel (?), Elvis Costello and Britney Spears! 

No. I kid on that last one. I'm just seeing if you're paying attention.

I've only sampled some of the disk, but immediately purchased the Krauss / Union Station song. They rarely steer me wrong and they haven't recorded since 2011. Here's hoping it is a sign they're going back to the studio.

While no one in the band wrote the music to "the Captain's Daughter", they did work with a songwriter who has had tunes on the last 4-5 Union Station disks.......and Krauss' solo stuff.

I can't say I could have ever pegged the lyrics for being Cash per se. The song is totally Union all the way.  The band is in fine form and it's good to hear them perform together again. They did Johnny Cash proud.

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