Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Site of the Month

If you thought someone was watching you and listening into your conversations - you're not completely wrong.

I think the NSA has taught us that multiple times.  At least in a way - you can see what satellites are operating out there now - and the communication of each....and when.

Ok - it's not about surveillance, we are talking actual space craft satellites that are operational that are monitored by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab.

Like, Voyager. When I clicked on the link, I see that Madrid is monitoring Voyager's activity.  It take 1.63 days to receive its signal, which is 21.13 billion (with a B) kilometers away.

....and I'm sorry, but 1.63 days to go 21 billion (with a B) kilometers if fucking impressive. To me, it would still be impressive if it were 1.63 years.

As you can see, NASA (not NSA) monitoring is basically housed in three locations world-wide. But the site - linked here - is real time.

I get that this might just be a thing for me, but I'm a nerd.  I know - it might seem like I'm all hip and cool - but in reality, I'm a nerd.


Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a nerd.

Leanna said...

You are such a science nerd.