Friday, March 23, 2018

My City in Ruins

Trade. Tariffs. Stocks. Tank. McMaster. Bolton.


If you look at the title, you can just substitute 'Country' for 'City'.

Four days after that cow, Huckabee-Sanders, lied saying he wasn't going anywhere, Gen. McMaster is going somewhere. As in gone somewhere.

I guess BLOTUS just had to scrounge up the dinero to get John Bolton a ticket on Spirit Airlines to DC. I'm assuming by increasing the debt by 1.1 TRILLION dollars in 14 months, you don't have a lot of extra cash sitting around for the nice things...............unless you're Ben Carson....or his wife.

I'm thinking with Bolton in place - of national security !!!!! - those "talks" BLOTUS is supposed to have with North Korea {as if that were ever  going to take place!} are not just  a few steps away from being a war doctrine.

Bolton likes war.....should it be with Cuba, Iraq and lord knows who else. What could possibly go wrong for us? 

It's like North Korea was gift-wrapped for him.

I SO hope that McMaster was the one who leaked Trump's congratulations to Putin though national security told him specifically not to.  He was my #1 choice anyways, but only because he was going to get shit-canned one way or the other. May as well go out with a bang.

But I do love this about the BLOTUS administration. He was so certain in his selections - hiring the "best".   Two chiefs of staffs, three communications director, two press secretaries, four national security advisors, countless lawyers, three wives, five (at least) kids.   None of them turned out like he wanted.  So much for his informed decisions.

Of course some of that WH change (again) was overshadowed by the huge Dow drop because of Trumps, again, informed decisions, on trade. It already cost him his economic adviser, now it will cost the rest of us our 401ks should he continue down this path.  I still haven't fully recovered from 2008's  debacle.

When you're as evil and stupid as BLOTUS, it must be nice for him to know that is more vile / corrupt (I know, right?) son-in-law is possibly worse than him.

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Raybeard said...

A lot of these fired names meant very little to us until we looked up their histories, but this Bolton chappie already has a horrific and odious reputation preceding him with a lot of us here. I just wanna HURL!!!

Bob said...

It gets more vile,disturbing, and terrifying each passing day with that lunatic in the Oval.