Monday, March 12, 2018

My Music Monday

I thought of having a 'theme' month in March, but that didn't quite work out. I didn't even do my rotation of 10 to pick a song.

As my shuffle was just going through music, it happened upon a song I have not heard in a long while - Steve Warnier's "Crash Course in the Blues".

I'd say in the early 90s I went through a 'new country' phase, which is way better than the 'newer' country that would come down the pike and is still with us now. Some of the artists from the early 90s still remain, some stand out, others not so much. Garth Brooks still lingers. Clint Black? Is he still alive? Vince Gill I think is now playing with the Eagles as Glenn Frye's replacement. There are countless others who were out there.

Wariner, might not have been in the same league as those folks, but in ways he was more talented. He was probably more of an expert guitarist than an artist, but the industry tried to sell him as the latter.

The only issue I have with the song is there is no 'blues'. It would have been an obvious tie-in, but that wasn't what 90s country was about. There was a formula that required adherence.

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