Friday, March 02, 2018

Calm Before the Storm

In like a lion.  So is March 2018.

Everyone at a morning meeting yesterday was clamouring - yes, clamouring - about the soon to be weather.

Blobby didn't understand. 

Weatherbug said the rain - and there was lots of it - was to turn to snow with an accumulation of less than 1". 

Big whoo.

I was more worried about the 40-60 mph winds - and the potential loss of power......again. But walking to the car after work, it was about the rain. The kind that made umbrellas useless.

As it turned out, my Weatherbug wasn't quite updated. The snow totals are to be 7-10".  Hence the lion. 

Like clockwork, at 19:00, the rain turned to snow. By 19:30 the ground was covered.   ....then I ate dinner and then I started writing this, because the lights started to flicker.

The winds continue to whip, but I have my work laptop at home, so I won't feel compelled to go into the office should weather be inclement.

On the bright side, March should go out like a lamb........which convenient, because it will get slaughtered with its blood smeared over the door......because Passover starts that day.

Song by: Color Me Gone

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