Friday, March 30, 2018

I'm a Conservative

Did you all see Roseanne?

Did you think it was funny - at all? Is it just me who cringed more than laughed (in the two episodes, I don't think I laughed at all, actually).

Let's forget the "jokes" for a second. The "acting".  OMG - the worst.

I take it that the original Becky hasn't done anything since she left this show. Her lines were so stilted...but because of her, though the material was not helping one little bit.  DJ?  Other than "hi" - I'm pretty sure he said nothing else.  Sara Gilbert was the only semi-natural one on there.

Roseanne was Roseanne - it's not like she is an actress, really.  But John Goodman was sad - and I couldn't have felt worse for Laurie Metcalf's playing to the back of the room performance.  The only one who worked was the gender-fluid boy character.

But yes, let's get to the show and the jokes. First off, I found out afterwards that Whitney "I have no idea why people keep hiring me for anything" Cummings is the show runner. That explains the rapid fire bad jokes that were horribly delivered. It's Two Broke Girls go to Landford.  And I'm sorry to say that Wanda Sykes wrote a lot of those jokes.

What I truly don't get is the BLOTUS angle. Yes, Roseanne is Roseanne, so her character like the actual person voted for and supports BLOTUS - which was most of episode one. Yes, media and BLOTUS himself (who claims he doesn't watch TV) called to congratulate her. Conservatives, allegedly, think the show represents them well.

Really?  Well?

Let's break it down, shall we:

  • Roseanne chides Jackie about "everyone getting 'free' healthcare" - yet she and Dan are not getting all their medications because they cannot afford them.  A product of the GOP's economic policies. 
  • Darlene has no job and raising two kids as a single mother. GOP would see her as a potential welfare mom. 
  • One of them being the possibly gay son.  Two words: Mike Pence.
  • DJ has a black child.  I think that speaks for itself w the GOP view. Including Strom Thurmond. 
  • Though his wife is in the military. Yea for other people going to war. 
  • If Dan and Roseanne have jobs at all, it's not mentioned and they don't go to work.  Maybe BLOTUS isn't the job creator he claims. 
  • Becky works as a waitress and in dire financial straights who is going to rent out her womb. She's not the 1%. Of course she doesn't have a financial plan and living hand to mouth. 

Is this the face of the conservatives?

Actually, it probably is, but I'm more surprised if they'd admit it. Or see it.

In actuality - this is a family the GOP hates. It is the face of America. They are a drag on the economy and society.

It baffles me that BLOTUS or Roseanne herself doesn't see this. It's like they're all wearing beer goggles....yet we are not looking better every beer.

The only joke of the show is:  this is the family who voted for him. Thousands of them. Like the show, they don't see the irony in their situation and yet will defend the person who will hold them back, more than anyone before him, to the death.

I think the show will stick around. I can't imagine I will continue to watch.

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Anonymous said...

It’s not in here in the U.K. but I won’t watch it. I made the mistake of watching the new Will and Grace run and thought it was completely unfunny. Maybe it’s just me.

Blobby said...

JP - I am with you on W&G. I know folks who are digging that reboot, but talk about a show I haven't laughed at once since being back on the air. Besides, 3 of the 4 have had horrible plastic surgery that doesn't make them look better, but old trying (unsuccessfully) to slow time. And who doesn't want to see a show about two 55 year olds still living together?

GregM said...

I wasn't sure I was going to watch but I ended up checking it our On Demand last night and had the same response you did. Yes, cringe-worthy acting. I know it's taped before a live audience but when an actor flubs their line or a joke ins't delivered right, they re-take. These were the best of the takes? The original Becky was the worst but was John Goodman reading cue cards or delivering his lines to the audience? I haven't been following his career - has he been doing live theatre mostly?

And did you see Sandra Bernhard on MSNBC? She'll be back on "Roseanne" as Nancy and was giving her views as to why women would vote for Trump. That's an awfully big foot to fit into that mouth.

Deedles said...

I have never, ever watched this show! Rosanne was kind of funny when she started as a stand-up, but she wore on me after awhile. I just couldn't listen to that whiny voice for a full half hour! I have never watched a single episode, old or new. I'm inordinately proud of that fact :)

Mark in DE said...

I wasn't going to watch it since I knew Roseanne was a Trump thumper. But Spouse wanted to watch it so we did. I had pretty much the identical reaction as you. I didn't find the dialog very funny, thought the "acting" was terrible, really only enjoyed the gender-fluid boy Marc, and found the family's entire situation a reason why they should NOT have supported Trump. I doubt we'll continue watching.