Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Turning Tide

Colour me surprised.


Note: I did not place BLOTUS' lie statement that he asked his Keebler Elf to "propose changes that would ban bump fire stock".

It's a "we'll look into it" to placate the people who have their panties in a wad.

Maybe it's me, but the aftermath of this school shooting seems different. These kids are not not going to be heard. ...and I fucking love it.

There are some viral videos going around of camera crews following law makers who have accepted NRA money and asking what they are doing more than sending - yes, say it with me - "thoughts and prayers".

They're not getting to real big law makers. And some accepted.......$3,500.  Oooooh.  They're not getting to the Rubios or Portmans who are in $3,000,000 (and up) range.  $3,500 isn't anything in the scheme of things.......though it means their vote is cheap.

What I don't hear these folks with the cameras asking - and not that it would ever be answered is - "is absolute support of the 2nd amendment and lax gun control worth the cost of a few dozen children's lives every few months?"

Should anyone find a backbone to even reply it's a no win answer for said person - which is why they don't touch it (not that I've ever heard the question asked in the first place).

But really - isn't that what it comes down to ?   What is acceptable amount of lives lost before there is reasonable gun control?

Right now, the number seems to be "infinite".    There seems to be no limit.

B.T. Dubs....... Loving the NY Daily News cover.........again.

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Asheville Massage Therapist said...

Blotus is just awful.

rebecca said...

Agree on all of the above blog post