Sunday, February 04, 2018

You Can't Do That

My Thursday post was to be filled with funnier comments that included the metal and money that have gone into this body - and how I'm more machine than man.

There was supposed to be an Oscar Goldman reference for g-d's sake.

Damn sleep deprivation and anesthesia got me all discombobulated. It's why I need voice dictation and an editor. Total missed opportunities.

I know I couldn't wait until Spring to have this fixed, but single-digit days in February are turning problematic. While I can go back to work on Monday, I'm trying to figure out how.

This big-ass cast won't let me put on any jacket - outdoors kind. I haven't tried on a dress shirt or suit coat, but let's face it, if Carhartt isn't allowing it than neither is Brooks Brothers. And while I can go corporate casual at work, I don't even know if I have sweaters that will allow access to the cast.

A glove on the left hand is a non-starter. I can't even put the hand into the pocket because, well....the cast.

Don't get me started on shoes. After the fall, I pretty much got rid of any loafer type shoes and steered more toward laces. Ones that, for the time being, I cannot tie. I'm beginning to see what OT exercises I will be doing once the cast come off.

710 has been here to grind my pepper (not a euphemism). You wouldn't think this such a big thing, but forget the grinding, as that can be done with the right hand, if I could grip the grinder with the left - which I cannot.

I'm finding a lot of seemingly little things I cannot do, which is not just annoying, it's limiting on so many levels.

I totally get this is a first world problem, but it's mine.  Even if I wanted to walk the dog at 05:00, so far I cannot, while temps are still in the teens......or 20s. But putting on clothes and tying shoes are really kind of the essentials.........for just about anything.

Today is my first shower day.  Yes.  P. U.  I get it. If you think I have trouble putting on footwear, let's just wait to see what washing my back and shaving my head look like.

No doubt you'll be hearing about that soon enough.

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anne marie in philly said...

it's the little things you take for granted. perhaps 710 can join you in the shower...

nurse sophie better heal you up quickly!

Travel said...

PT/OT, if they are good, will show you a lot of coping techniques. Sounds like a few weeks of very casual dress for work, you might start to enjoy it.

Deedles said...

As a card carrying member of the "What's Going To Fall Apart Next" club, I empathize completely. Feel better.

Ur-spo said...

Feel better soon my friend.

wcs said...

I cannot un-read "grind my pepper." It's a euphemism now.