Saturday, February 10, 2018

Reach Out


Yes, we all love Shep, but I happen to know that some of you are more feline friendly - and we do love our Sophie. This week, I'm trying to give Soph the starring role.

No worries, Shep makes himself known.

I came home from work to find Sophie lounging on my side of the bed. 
She usually sleeps with me there anyways. 

Due to the surgery, I've been working "part time" (so, I cut back to 8 hour days). 710 had been taking Shep to daycare - and picking him up. I was good enough on Thursday to go get him myself. 

They all want to be with 710. 
The radiant flooring is a huge attraction too. 

Soph has been ├╝ber-affectionate lately. she reaches out to touch me, so I pet her...even though I am......ummmm.....semi-indisposed.  She got her rubs. 

My fave of the week, taken by 710. 

It's funny. He will smush into her whenever he wants in the chair, should she already be. If she attempts getting on the chair if he's already there, he snarls and snaps.  What a dick. 

A good selection this week, if I say so myself. With me post-op, and him in daycare, I didn't think there'd be much to work with this week.  Clearly, I stand corrected.

Song by: Erasure


Raybeard said...

It's always good to see the sources of your life's enrichment, and these two lovelies guarantee you'll have 'quality'.

anne marie in philly said...

nurse sophie is working her magic with you!

Bob said...

I love the Sophie reach up. Tuxedo does that to me and it's just so sweet.

Deedles said...

I'll keep this short and sweet (lucky you), AWWWWWWW!

Anonymous said...

It# nice they cuddle up together.

CALVIN said...

Love the Sophie snaps. Thanks.