Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Career Opportunities

Ugh. This twat.

Every Tomasina, Dick and Harriet thinks they can and should run for public office.

They can't.....and shouldn't.

Hon, I totally get that your Clueless residuals are barely keeping you in your third story walk-up efficiency, and barely keeping the lights on at that. What? Ramen.....three times per week?  Four?

I mean, I haven't checked your IMDB, but I'm assuming Clueless is your only credit, right?  So those residual checks are keeping you going - it's a good thing cable TV exists, and that movie is on 3-4 times per week somewhere.  That $16.82 per week must come in handy.

Hell, when FOX doesn't even want you - you've pretty much scraped the bottom of the barrel, no?  (The question is rhetorical, sweetie.)

So what does one do when they are at the bottom of the barrel?  Government work. Guaranteed health care, pay-offs payments from your special interest groups. You might finally get that 1999 Mitsubishi you've had your eye on at J.D. Biryder.

Like her acting career, Dash (ugh, I guess I have to use her name for future reference, huh?) didn't really plan. Because if Compton and Watts residents are actually going to the polls, they're totally electing a republican.  {can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my screen?}

What a dipshit. Even Reginald Denny had a better outcome in that 'hood.  (I'll wait while you Gooooogle 'reginald denny'.)

Maybe instead of running for Congress, you could get, you know - a job. Maybe one of the ones all them bad hombres are taking from us. Stacy - maybe you should go to Soledad and pick lettuce for 10 hours per day at less than minimum wage.

If all else fails, you could probably rent a room from Tori Spelling. I hear she's down on her luck too.

Make sure you click on the image. I doctored the image  a little.  Can you find it?

Song by: the Clash


anne marie in philly said...

if you failed at faux noise, then YOU ARE A FAILURE. period.

Bob said...

Poor California, between droughts and fires and floods, haven't they suffered enough not to endure a Dash election ...not to mention the Antonio Sabato Jr run?

Deedles said...

"Star" with a pretty face and peat moss for a brain. The stupidity is strong in this one!
@Bob Slatten: As a Californian, I would like to thank you for your concern and sympathy :)