Friday, February 09, 2018

Let the Beat Hit 'Em

Let me guess:  You're surprised that you're not surprised.

That seems to be the general take away from folks I know:  a wife beater in the White House.

.....and you know it's more than one.

I mean, BLOTUS at least was accused of raping Ivana - so said her divorce papers. You gotta believe there was hitting there too.

And John Kelly?  Fuck - he's military. He's no stranger to abusing women in the ranks.

So, in their minds, it's not that the administration was trying to cover anything up. To them, abuse is standard operating procedure. They don't see that they've done anything wrong, because they don't think they have.

As for Porter - the now dethroned wife beating WH aide - I'm sure he thought he'd skate through a background check, as I'm sure he was told "oh, don't worry about it". 

Having gone through a government security clearance, they look at every little thing. Did he really think this wouldn't come up? 

I think he knew it would - taking me back to the "oh, don't worry about it" scenario.

This confuses me about a few things:  I don't think the current administration cares so much about #metoo. I mean, if they did, that pussy-grabbing rapist would have had to resign, right? So why was this guy the sacrificial lamb? 

Oh sure, I know he "resigned"....and abruptly. As in: fired and shown the door. But why?

I mean - I know for a regular job with actual real people, I know the 'why', but this isn't that. Clearly, the WH has gotten - and is getting - away with a fuck of a lot worse. I have to believe there was something else that was about to be uncovered about Porter.....or something he with which he was involved.

Oddly, I think they'd use this a distraction to something else (can you say, 'government shut down'?), but they didn't play this out long enough for that.

Don't tell me they're doing the right things - because that would just make me laugh.

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