Saturday, February 17, 2018

Poison Arrow

I missed a Valentine post because of that school shooting. Another repercussion of gun violence.

I apologize in advance - this turned out to be a Shep week, but he's not our only love. As you'll see, this year, it was all about Mr. Shep.

Shep ignoring a wanna be play bud at the park. 

Doggie Valentine's Day. 

Daycare requested owners bring treats in - and like a grade school VD celebration, each dog would go home with a sack off of goodies.  We are bad parents.....we store bought. So many brought home-made biscuits wrapped in their own bags. 

Still - I was so into it when they announced it. I figure this has to set our doggie days care apart from the others. 

Each member (canine type) got a heart-themed neckerchief.  
Shep looks so snazzy in his. 

Soscha (sp), the Samoyed (mix?) is apparently Shep's new girlfriend. 
She's a beauty. I approve of their relationship. 

Three full weeks of daycare has worn his poor boy out. 

And I can never get enough of pick up.  As I've said before, the boy is a jumper. 

Song by: ABC


anne marie in philly said...

(sings) because it's all about the shep, 'bout the shep, no sophie

Deedles said...

"Grade school VD celebration"? Okaaaay. Sing it, Anne Marie! He's bringing barking baaack. Go tell all those mewling kitties that! Earworm all day now. Thanks, Carebear!

Raybeard said...

Shep rightfully wears his necker with pride.