Saturday, December 16, 2017

We're Going to be Friends

'Tis that time of year. My annual post of animals / pets who own my friends.  I can't say I got everyone to participate, but unlike my dog, I'm not a hound. I ask, but I don't pester. I also didn't give anyone tons of time.

I will admit to "stealing" two or three images. Sue me.

Everyone has such great kids - I'd love to meet, pet and fuss with them all.

Meredity & Norman's  Ripley, Rolo and London (basking in the sun). 

Brett & Nico's Holden & Harley 
(I'm guessing on which one is which, of course. I have no idea, actually.)

a VERY intense looking Otis.
Mike is assuming he might be focused on a biscuit.

Georgie!  How I do love beagles. Richard & Serge do too. 

OMG.  John's Scooter.  
I have never met Scooter and yet still just adore him. 

Christopher's Phoebe. She's so pretty. 

Georty's beagle, Logan.  
I love him crossing the paws.  Petey used to do that all the time. 

Good boy, Barkley belongs to Rebecca, Andrew & Co. He is so sweet. 

Raybeard's Patchie. He's a handsome dude. 
I mean, I'm assuming it's a dude. 

omg omg omg.   what a great picture !!!
Jon and Tommy's Bruno and Lilou. 

Dr. Spo & Someone's sweetie, Harper.  Those ears!!!!

Ted & tongue.   I love Teddie who hangs with my cousin David and his wife. 
Ted is an incredible soul.  ....and very chill. 

....and of course......Shep and Soph. 

Indulge them for the holidays.......and all the non-holidays too.

Song by: the White Stripes


Raybeard said...

Oh, they're all so FABulous - every last one of them! I wanna give them all loads of cuddles, and mebbe they'll give me a lick or two in return. Thanks, B - my heart will be singing for the rest of the day now.
Btw: My Patchie is indeed a 'he' - at least that's what he tells me, and he should know!

anne marie in philly said...

loverly pix, dear. snorgles to all the furry kids!

Deedles said...

Wow, between my little Cujo getting his sutures and cone of shame removed after fourteen looooong days, and these wonderful companions, my heart cockles are overheating to the point of boil over!

That is a beautiful picture of Patchie. Of course, they are all nice, but that one keeps drawing my eye.

Bob said...

Sorry we missed it this year. Work was a bitch this week and I'd hoped for new pictures of the kinds!

Fearsome Beard said...

Such a wonderful furry bunch. Like Bob I’m sorry we missed this year. Our oldest is sick this week and photos weren’t priority, keeping them separated was.

CALVIN said...

Favorite Blog of the Year!

Ur-spo said...

indeed - everyone's pet looked good.
thank you for including Harper .

(the other) Brett said...

Wonderful to see all the fur babies again!!! I love the fact that no matter where people are located, we all have a connection through the love of our four-legged children. Thanks for sharing this - and Holden & Harley would love to romp and play with the other kids!

Mark in DE said...

What a lovely post!! Such great 4-legged family members. :-)