Friday, December 22, 2017

the Launch

As possibly promised, two video clips today.  One I took, one I did not.

I did mention in an earlier post that when we went to the Kennedy Space Center, I "successfully" filmed the launch of Elon Musk's Space X Falcon 'gently used / certified pre-owned' Rocket.

I fucked up was less successful the second half of the video, the re-entry and landing of the booster rocket. If you don't read for content (and why would you?), I didn't push record when I thought I did - and didn't realize it until hours later.

For the re-entry and landing, I am stealing from the internet.

Those who do not follow Space X, Musk is all about reusing equipment. He has successfully developed rockets that will launch and land, ready to be used again. When at KSC (as well call it), they land at a pad nearby the launch site.  But they can, and have, landed on barges out at sea as well.

....and they've blown up or fallen in the ocean and sank. But more often than not, they land.

As predicted, seven minutes and 46 seconds after lift-off, the booster rocket was back on the ground, with two sonic booms.  Our view was good, but clearly not as good as the NASA video.

I did not watch the launch from my phone, like so many.  I held my camera out in front of my chest and when I tilted back, so did the shot. It's not perfect, but it was way better to see it unobstructed by gadgetry.

If you ever get the chance to see a launch - take it. They're looking at manned flights, possibly in 2018.

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Travel said...

Science fiction in our childhood, is science reality today. Amazing. Launches never loose the thrill.