Saturday, December 02, 2017

Golden Boy

My weekly collection of dog and / or cat photos. If I were to map out the number of views per day of week, Saturdays would be the highest overall.  Sure some posts will garner more views, but on average, Shep Porn / Sophie Smut pulls in the most looks consistently.

Nose & Pads. 
He's a miracle. 

Autumn Dog. 

Everyone wants to say "hi". Even the linemen. 

Ignoring each other, but both wanting the chair. 

Duck #4.  

Two days before its demise. It took him two months to ruin the first one. Now it's one every two weeks.  We will keep buying them as he does seem to love them. 

the Golden Hour. 

A cold fall day at the lake. Just because the mercury drops doesn't mean he doesn't get his weekend out time. ...and we're happy to do it. 

Song by: Natalie Merchant


anne marie in philly said...

looking at furkids is a pleasant diversion from the madness of the world.

perhaps you should own some stock in the duck toy company, yes?

Raybeard said...

Seeing new pics of S & S never fails to raise ones spirits, that's the reason why they're so popular.

Deedles said...

What Anne Marie and Raybeard said, ditto. I do repeat visits when pet porn Saturdays come around. These two make me happy, of course, I'm not a toy duck.

Bob said...

Love the paws and schnoz shot.

Anonymous said...

Love that nose and pads pic.
Hell, I like all of Shep's photos.
Yes, he is a miracle.
I love this handsome guy.
I'm glad he has such a caring Daddy.
I sense you deserve each other.

Leanna said...

You know they say having a furbaby in the house makes for a long happy life.