Friday, December 29, 2017

Ad of the Month

My Ad of the "Month" segment seems to defy all space-time continuums, since I think April was my last one. Apparently, "month" is arbitrary. We will all just have to live with that.

Today's selection isn't really a funny one - though some of mine are not - but once or twice it made me roll my eyes. It's for Samsung Galaxy phone - and if you've had your tv on for any amount of time, on any channel in the last month you've seen a slightly abbreviated version.

I have zero idea about the phone itself, or its abilities, reliability, charging, blah blah blah. The commercial starts off in 2007 with what is the introduction of the iPhone. Long lines wrap around an Apple store.

And speaking of time being arbitrary - my first eye roll comes in actually after my second one.  At 0:55 - where there is basically no line in present day 2017 at Apple.

Oh Samsung, you might be creeping up on marketshare, but don't fucking kid yourself. With a new iPhone release, there are more than 12 people in line at any given store.....and that's just to score a place at the Genius Bar.  Sorry...."Genius" Bar.

The second eye roll comes in 0:51-0:52 mark......where the main character cruises, and gets cruised by, some euro rent boy with one of the stupidest haircuts who looks up from his Grindr app to see the guy he's been trying to hook up with at <25 feet away...........I'm assuming.

Sure you could say the main guy looks back to see the small line at Apple, but it's a total checking out of the rent boy after he passes.....a tried and true cruising method.......................I've heard.

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Fearsome Beard said...

The haircut is the supposed to be the notch at the top of the iPhone X.