Monday, December 04, 2017

My Music Monday

I know I said I'd try to stop the #10 in iTune rotation, but the week and weekend got away from me. I really didn't prepare or make a chance to do so.

So, technically this is #11, as I landed on an artist who is most likely going to be my Record of the Month artist. I didn't want to double down on one person/group in a month. That seemed overkill.

Now you get the Cars

Way back when, I saw the band just after the release of their debut album. All I truly remember about them was how loud they were. Sure I was massively high and drunk (at the same time!), but I remember little else about their show. I do remember "My Best Friend's Girl" and "Just What I Needed" being played.

I did like their music - eventually. I was more drawn to the songs that Ben Orr sang lead than Ric Okasek. They went from radio artists to video ones with the MTV heyday. I felt the music would sometimes lack over video shots ("Magic" anyone?).  And the more they got famous, the less Orr was talking lead - and seemed like Ocasek all the time.

"Tonight She Comes" wasn't even on a studio album but an extra track on some greatest hits compilation that came out in 1985.  ...and yes, it has Ocasek as lead vocalist, but I can overlook that.

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