Monday, December 11, 2017

My Music Monday

I've been no better at picking music. Perhaps in 2018 I'll go back to theme months.

I will say, this shuffle thing has made me look at some of my music selections. Technically today's music is mine by association. 710 was a much more engaged listener of the Pet Shop Boys than I.

If I'm truly being honest, I've only heard today's song, "Paninaro" once before.....and it was off a satellite radio station somewhere driving through Virginia on one of our trips to the Outer Banks.

Yes, this is the curse that is my memory.

Who knew the song was big enough to garner an official video. But honestly the only videos I ever saw of them were in the gay bars way back when. I certainly stopped going to those by '95 when this was released.

While I'm somewhat sure that not all Pet Shop Boys songs had Neil Tennant as the lead vocalist, this is really the only one of which I know.

And while Tennant sings the song title, all I hear is Krusty the Klown shilling for Canyonero - "the Cadillac of automobiles".

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Raybeard said...

I used to be an avid PSB fan, at least until I gave up on following all new pop releases about 12 years ago, on the grounds that I'd become too old to appreciate them, there being an ever-growing divergence between what I liked and what by others was considered as being 'good'. Anyhows, PSB still manages to get my pulse a-pulsing, and this one, which somehow managed to escape my attention, is no exception. I like it.
Btw: Playing of this video on your blog has been blocked for the U.K. (and elsewhere?) "for copyright reasons" but I easily found it on YouTube - and pleased I did.