Monday, May 11, 2015

My Music Monday

the Bangles get a bad rap - and at times they totally deserve it (like their last album).

Me? I was one who always wished they stuck to their first album style a little more. While their All Over the Place was compared a lot to the Beatles, I would go as far as to say it a Beatle-esque quality. After that, they just were mainstream pop.

Well, I shouldn't say that - (former) bassist Michael Steele had some of the less pop vibe and much more interesting voice and style. But Susanna Hoffs was straight up made for radio.

Still - if you look at the music on All Over the Place, it wasn't as commercialized as they'd attempt to become.

I'll even do a Hoffs song - "James". And you can probably hear the Beatles influence here.

There was no official video, but I went with one by a someone using the name Barbie Bangle Music. I mean - why not? Barbie is about the same height as Hoffs. It works.

I like the song. And it's really all about the music.

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