Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baking with Blobby

Well, so far in 2015, you've gotten a cake recipe and two cookie ones. Not there's a third.

While I love chocolate chip cookies (and M&M ones), it was time for a change up. I found a great (well, allegedly) lemon sugar cookie one. I think I love lemon cookies more than 710, so I hesitated making it. But a link from that recipe to one for Triple Chocolate Cookies.

I mean if some is good, more (3x more) has to be better, right?

Well........yes......and no.

Sometimes more is just more. Don't get me wrong, the cookies are good, but me, being me, am used to 2-3 cookies per night. These are so rich, one must change their eating habits a bit. 1-2 is the most I could possibly do - and the glass of milk needs to be larger.

Since I'll be eating fewer cookies, the lbs should just melt away - no?

Anyone?                   Anyone?????

It seems a lot of ingredients, but no more so than CC cookies. And the clean-up seemed a little easier, though I think I'm better at prep, so things go back into storage much more quickly. I plan better.

Flour - 1 c
Baking Powder - 1/4 t
Salt - 1/4 t
Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) - 3 T
Milk Chocolate chips - 1 c
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips - 12oz (1 bag)
Butter - unsalted - 2 t (room temp)
Butter - unsalted - 4 t (room temp)
Granulated Sugar - 1 c
Eggs - 3
Vanilla - 2 t

Preheat oven to 350F

In a bowl, combine cocoa powder, flour, salt and baking powder. Incorporate fully. 
Make sure to get a curious dog's face in your picture (check!)

Melt 2 t of butter and the semi-sweet chips over medium low heat. Make sure everything is melted and smooth. 

I thought this would mean it would be liquidy, but it wasn't. At least mine wasn't. The chocolate melted and no lumps, but it bound together. 

Either way - let it aside and let it cool. 

Cream the butter and sugar - maybe for 3 minutes or so (paddle attachment, thank you!)

Add eggs (one at a time) and vanilla. Increase speed to medium-high for 7 minutes (which seemed like a lot)

Add the cooled chocolate mixture. 

The more solidified (but still soft) chocolate blended easily into the mixture.

Add dry ingredients. Let them incorporate. 

Hand mix in the milk chocolate chips. 

Dog turds.  Well.....kind of. 

Make sure they're spaced 3" apart. Place in oven for 12-15 minutes (rotate racks and direction half way through cooking time).


The recipe said it would make 24 cookies. I got 37. Maybe my eyeballed 'tablespoon' was too small. Actually, I used a melon-baller, like I do with all my other cookies. 

They, more or less, turned out the same size and shape. They taste good. The Triple Chocolate Cookie can go into rotation, but I'll still experiment with other cookies.


Bob said...

Since Carlos is the MasterBaker™ at our house, I may send him over here to check out your recipe; he's always up for MasterBaking™ with chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Wow! They look good. I'll have to try this recipe.