Saturday, May 09, 2015

Lake Song

Yay for Saturday.  Petey (and hopefully Sophie next week).

Petey up at Lake Erie. 

We took him on a hike of a little used park that sits 40 feet above the shallowest of the Great Lakes. 
He had a ball. 

We walked to the shore. 

He was smart enough to drink something from a puddle, as he won't take water from us in his travel bowl, and it was warm out. 

Chauffeured Beagle in a Benz. 

Life is tough for one Mr. Pete. 

BooBoo behind glass. 

When Petey and I visited new(ish) neighbors Scott & Mark (yes, new set of gaybors), BooBoo was left inside. Poor little guy. 

Song by: the Decemberists


GregM said...

Our boxer, Betty, sits in the back like that and we call it "Driving Miss Betty".

Ur-spo said...

we all love pete.