Monday, May 04, 2015

My Music Monday

There's a certain history to the Eurythmics and their soundtrack to the film 1984.

The album came out fairly close on the heels of their third studio release, Touch.

First off, only Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox appear on the disk. No outside musicians - but in reality, they never really needed any in most of their music.

Depending on which version of the story you hear, the director of the movie wanted the Eurythmics as the music to the movie (and if you thought 1984 was a grim book, try watching this version of the flick) or that the director was forced to use their music against his will and replaced it with a more traditional orchestral piece.

As some point, due to contract issues, the Eurythmics version of the film disappeared, along with the soundtrack.

Most of it was instrumental and possibly only three vocal tracks - "sexcrime", "doubleplusgood" and "Julia".  Maybe "I Did It Just the Same"?

But for today's purpose, we are going with "Julia". Like many Eurythmics songs, Lennox layers her vocals. The music is minimal: piano, synth and drum machine - at least for the most part.

31 years later, it's still a great track.

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Bob said...

Great choice.
I am a huge Lennox fan. She's one of those artists that can sing anything and I'll listen and love it.