Friday, August 23, 2013

The Coast

Sorry, I'm having one of those days.  I'm coasting. What can I say.

It's been one of those weeks.  It was a tough re-entry after last weekend.  I enjoy my friends so much and we don't do a get together often, so there was a little sadness upon return.

So I have nothing drafted or crafted.  I want not to touch the Bradley / Chelsea Manning scenario.  I get his need and want but I don't care who he is, I don't see why I should have to help foot the bill for his reassignment.  Well - I guess I touched that.

Anyhoo......Saturday is normally Petey Porn Day, so I'll just do Sophie Smut Day today.  A quick four photos....and we're done.

An outtake from this month's 12 of 12. 

Sophie is a cuddle monster.

..but for some odd reason she likes sleep up against any of the ottomans with her back legs pressed into them. 

Here is the monster part of her cuddle.  She loves to show affection....and then she bit my nose. 

If Sophie is a 'coasting day',  I'll take that any day of the week. 

Song by:  Courtyard Hounds


Erik Rubright said...

Yay for Sophie Smut Day! She looks like such a sweetie.

The only soft spot I have, apparently, is for the kittehs.

anne marie in philly said...

sophie smut - YAYZ!!!!!

my girls need to have their backs pressed up against something - a wall, a human leg, the back of a chair - to fall asleep. like linus and his blanket, I suppose...

perhaps you need to schedule friend events more often, yes?

Anonymous said...

Sophie is so cute!!!

Raybeard said...

What a sweetie! (Sophie, I'm referring to.) Whenever I pick up my Number One resident, Blackso, (now an advanced 14.) he starts purring and rubbing his head against my nose. (I suppose it's a convenient protruberance.) But the underlying true message is "I'd really like something to eat now."

Brettcajun said...

That nose is a big target for Sophie. I'd bite it too! ;)