Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tear Off Your Own Head

Oh, I still have things to write about last weekend - I mean, you've all been waiting.

I just can't seem to focus. I have a headache.....since Friday.  I could have made up a better excuse, but who can be bothered?

Not so much a headache as a pain in my head.  Or on my head.  The rear left quadrant.

If you remember me going on (and on) about the sensitivity in my arm last April (that went on for 5-6 weeks), it is kind of like that.  But now my head feels bruised like I bashed it against something, but I didn't.  ...and it's not bruised.

It is all I can do to put my head to a pillow. There is no sleeping on my normal left side.

I'm 94.1% sure it is not an aneurysm. I think that would have killed me by now.  It's not a migraine, not that I think I've ever had one.

Even the moments there hasn't been pain, there's been pressure - so it is possible it is a sinus thing, though my nose seems fine and my sinuses actually have no pain or pressure.

Ibuprofen has provided minimal help, so I'm on naproxin now - so we'll see if that helps.  Today, if things are the same, I will be trying to get into my doc (don't worry - left a message for him yesterday), or a same day appointment with a neurologist, not that I think there is a thing they can do.

I'll be better tomorrow about a post.  One with a follow-up to this or the last weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon as well. You would know if it were your sinuses by how bad it hurts at the end of the evening. Trust me, you never want to experience that.

Does your neck also hurt? I'm wondering if you slept on it wrong.

Raybeard said...

Wow, this sounds scary. Hope your next posting reveals it was just a very short-lived, though, nasty experience. I'm sending you positive vibes.

rebecca said...

Do you think it has anything to do with falling down the steps of Club 20 Friday night??? ;)

Erik Rubright said...

Maybe it's what happens when you turn 50?