Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sorry Doesn't Help

I have some excuse, minute as it might be, but I have no true post for today.

Oh - I have things to write about, sure - yet some of the post should be better crafted and not at 23:45 at night with impaired cognitive function.

Yes, I might have been drinking and carousing last evening. Granted  it was "carousing" around a fire with friends and food, but things go late and I had nothing crafted.  Not even in my mind, let alone to be committed to blogternity. It's a word. It is now.

So more on Tuesday.  Don't forget, tomorrow is My Music Monday.  What will it hold in store?  Not even I know.............yet.

Song by:  Morrissey

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't be sorry. As much as I enjoy reading your posts I enjoy equally as much read that you where at a party having a great time and letting your hair down. Opps. ;)