Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Bought a Headache

I'm still in headache post mode.

Not because I'm on death's door or anything, but just figured I'd do the follow-up. I mean, why not, right?

So in my infinite pain last night - around 03:00 - I had this little revelation of something I overlooked. I remember saying something to 710 about the awful night of sleep I had Thursday night / Friday morning.

As I lay there last night, I went "a-doy".  I bet I slept on my neck the wrong way.  I figured this out because I was experiencing neck pain that very minute.  Bad neck pain to go with my bad head pain.

RJ said something similar about an hour later in his comment on my post yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the entire head pain is due to this, but possibly the majority of it.

Currently I'm on my third round of Naproxin (fourth by the time most of you read this) and it seems to be helping quite a bit. I also went out and bought one of them thar contoured pillows.  I had one a while back and it seemed to be ok. Like all my other pillows I just see to wear them out and I tossed it a few months ago, never thinking I needed it that much.

I could have been wrong.

Part of my head sensitivity - I believe - still stems from that thing I've had going on for years with my arm and head that no one can quite figure out.  I think with the neck, it was just a bad confluence of events.

I am now not rushing to the doctor as of yet.....not that my doc bothered to get back to me. But I was just really going to ask him for a referral, be it to a neurology or pain management.

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll be back to blogging about something more than my head.

...and yes, I was asked once(!) yesterday:  "So, how's your head?"

No complaints yet. complaints yet.

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Anonymous said...

I mentioned the neck because I've had a serious case of whiplash from an auto accident. You'd be surprised what other parts of your body can feel jacked up when your neck or spine are out of whack.

If you can't get an ortho pillow to work on the neck, try rolling a bath towel into the appropriate size to mimic one. I've done that in a pinch and it works fine in most cases.

Birdie said...

I'll leave this comment just because it helped me with debilitating pain from my neck to my hand. When you sit at the computer, do you jut your chin out to read the screen? I do because of progressive lenses. That angle over a period of time can compress a nerve in your neck. When I forget and the pain starts up, pulling my chin down to my neck makes the pain go away. If it's really bad it takes a few days, but I notice a difference in just a few hours. FWIW. I really hope you figure this out quickly.