Saturday, January 14, 2012

Won't You Say You Will

Sure I have stuff to post, well probably, but since Erik (from whom I basically lifted this from, but he got from someone else and so on and so on.....) posted this a few days ago, I keep coming back to it - One, because it's funny. Two, because it's well done. Three, because the guy is koot!  He's also rocking those glasses.

...and he's probably gay, which makes him the spokesperson for "shit straight guys say to gay guys" both a little funny and ironic. But I suppose that is the point.

Still the delivery of most of the lines are so spot on, they make me smile ("hey puppy!").

And since I haven't been to Spin consistently, I haven't heard any Rihanna songs, nor did I know what song he was singing and had to Gooooogle the lyrics ('s Rihanna), and he's so cute singing the last part with the multiple tilts of his head.

But back to this title  - and all the other billion viral videos of Shit 'x' Say series.....   We've (well, the gay "we've") have probably heard some of this.  Even Becky's then bf (clearly, now ex-bf) showed up at my apartment one Friday night at 23:30 as I was going out.  I got kind-of / sort-of taken to task the next day from Ms. Flowers, who was in Texas, asking why I didn't invite him to go with a gay bar.    WTF.   It never ever ever occurred he'd want to go a gay bar with a gay man.

Of course, maybe he wanted to know if I knew where he could score some coke.

Song by:  Walter Egan


BosGuy said...

I've seen this video making the rounds. It is funny and who hasn't been asked at least a few of these questions before?

Ur-spo said...

where does one go to score coke, anyway?

Erik Rubright said...

"Does it hurt?"