Monday, January 23, 2012

My Music Monday

You know, I had a tune all picked out for today.  One that didn't have a video or even a frickin' fan video, so I was going to embed that audio player thingy I've been using on and off for the last two months.

Alas, the portion that contains my music downloads is inoperable, so not only can I not utilize it currently, but even the stuff that was in there (and posted here) is not working. Not that any of you are going back to play these things from my blog, but still............

Technology!  Pfffffft!!!!

So I had to come up with plan C.  Plan B was to post something from Love & Rockets - which my cousin suggested the other night as we sat at a bar. It is a great idea, but I couldn't find anything I had to play here.  Alas I sent searching through the 12,007 songs I currently have loaded into iTunes. Well, 12,007 minus the 50 or so I've already posted here.

I clearly went in a different direction than Plans A or B.  I opted for Canadian artist, Jann Arden.

If she's known in the U.S. at all, it is for one minor minor hit called "Insensitive" from some movie with Christian Slater.  ....and since that movie wasn't Heathers, it's doubtful anyone but Mr. Slater and his agent saw it.

Most of Arden's stuff isn't even released below the 49th Parallel. When I was buying her stuff (yes, no longer), some of it I had to order from Canada itself.  Well a store in Canada. The country itself couldn't be bothered.  NAFTA be damned.

One iffy and another bad original album and a horrid covers record just had me saving my Loonies. It wasn't worth the effort. That being said, she still has three very decent disks released in the early to late '90s.  I believe these would be considered "oldies" now.  Actually, except for one song on 1995's Living Under June, there are not any that are bad.  The one that is?  Her minor U.S. hit.  To quote another Canuck, "isn't that ironic?".   Yes, I'm talking to you Anne Murray.

Anyhoo, I chose "The Sound Of" as my Arden selection. It is better than fair and it kind of has a clown in it, so you get your clown reference for the week.


don said...

I love reading Jann Arden's tweets. She is hilarious. Like when she bought two treadmills, one for each breast

Mike said...

Will you be featuring Air Supply anytime soon? Hankering for some Lost In Love