Friday, January 27, 2012

We Can Work It Out

I don't get it - it's almost the end of January and there are still hangers-on at the gym. Shouldn't all of these people just have dropped off the face of the gym-earth?  Sure they still have to pay their monthly fee, but it's a small price to keep the floor open for the rest of us.

Actually, the number of people who are at the gym at 05:30 has risen, but I don't see that many new faces. Maybe those folks who are here and there are now just here.

It's problematic - for me. I mean, DUH!

The weight room is more crowded and I find myself standing waiting for certain weights. But the bigger issue is the shower.

The locker room has seven shower heads. At 07:00, I always get my shower and there is rarely anyone else in there. The other day, all seven were taken. Sure, I was at my station, but what if...............what if.........    The horror.

On the plus side, in that shower were two of the hotter more attractive of our membership. One is newer and pretty to look at.  The other guy has been around for a year. Very attractive and a great workout routine.  He's one of these guys that I see each time I'm at the gym and we acknowledge each other with a nod when coming and going.  Of course, now it is far too late to actually say anything or introduce ourselves.

And as 2012 goes, I'm not spending all my time in the weight room. I'm getting nowhere there. I mean, I"m sure I am, but not my final destination - not Final Destination VII.

Actually I think I have just plateaued on my routine. I've gone back to the Matrix machines - or what used to be Nautilus. I'm working different muscles and working out a different way and hoping that helps. Mentally it was tough to leave the big boy room. I feel it took me so long to earn my place there, that I have to give it up.

I'm still go in and start my day there - marking my territory as it were, and to silently nod to handsome man, but I'm no longer there for an hour.

If it doesn't pay off - body-wise - then I'll have wasted some good viewing time.

I guess there's always the shower.

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Cubby said...

You write about the gym so infrequently now I assumed you had quit going. In fact just the other day I said to Greg that you haven't been to the gym in months since you hurt yourself. I guess I had my facts wrong.

A gym locker room without separate shower stalls? I haven't done that since high school. At my gym it takes a full two minutes for the hot water to come (I think it gets piped in from Columbus), then another minute for it to reach acceptable temperature. In the meantime I stand there out of the way of the water, shivering my ass off. No fun!

A Lewis said...

In my several years at the gym, I never...not once...went into the shower. Don't tell anyone.

Ur-spo said...

Very few men shower at our place either. And those who do are certainly 'not eye candy'. I wonder if this is fears of being looked at, or body image issues.