Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold Comfort

It was one of those cold days.  The kind when you would rather not even go outside, but one must.  Curls, Cardio, Squats and Ab attention must be paid.  And I will be paying.  Ouchy.

We had been invited to Columbus for a b-day dinner, but we could not attend, as we had too many obligations on the home-front. But we did get to have lunch with friends who were headed to said dinner.

Becky was back in town and Ditto came to pick her up.  We picked a new place to go to lunch and lo and be-fucking hold  it had opened and closed in six months. Gone. I'm thinking it was a front for something.  So off we went to Great Lakes Brewery to grab a bite. Which is where Becca snapped this pic.

No offense go Dith, but this picture is not good of either of us.  It's just that Becky takes a pick of us together each time we're together. Oh my oh my - how grey my beard is. And how much more Asian I've become.

The meal was ok, the company was much better, but that is almost always the case. As it turns out, Dith had mentioned she wanted to see the West Side Market, and with our change of plans that was easily accomplished.

The WSM is a great place with dozens of food vendors for us everyday shoppers and many restaurants do their purchases for their kitchens as well.

We bought the birthday boy some cheeses to be sent down south.  I loved look of it - and something adventurous that Geo would like....hopefully.

....and apparently, he cut it later. 

And speaking of adventurous food.....

It says 'blue mashed potatoes', but they are really more violet in nature.  

Before I left, back into the cold, I did have to use the restroom comfort station. 

Still the few hours we got to spend with the gals was fun and missing the dinner sucked, but sometimes life gets in the way. 

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), they got out of town in time, as it started snowing.  Not too too heavily, but enough.  ...and they did have beer with lunch - the lushes. 

Song by:  Michelle Shocked


dithyrambs said...

The cheese was really good. And I agree, that photo was really bad. More Chins than a Chinese phonebook. Sigh.

rebecca said...

So did you!! Have beers with lunch!