Saturday, January 21, 2012


This video has been making the internets rounds over the last few days - mostly on the homo blogs, and mostly because porn "ingenue" Arpad Miklos is in it.

I won't deny the man is nice to look at - like a younger, well-built and probably hairier, Greek Jimmy Smits - but it really is the two minutes of music that have me enthralled.

I know nothing of Perfume Genius and who knows if I'll even see what else they(?) have, but I have probably watched/listened to  "Hood" a dozen times.  It is not just the lyrics, but I am digging the music and how it builds.

Actually, I like the video too. And not because Mr. Miklos is nice to look at.  What?  He is.  I can't say I've seen any of this "work", but what kind of homo is he?  He can barely brush hair with it looking painful for the singer and what do I know about applying make-up?  Let alone to a girl-boy.  But I'd never hire him as a make-up artist.  I am willing to be that is not what his out-calls are for.

Ok, the Freddie Kreuger blade / nails are a little weird, but over all, I like the song and video.  Yes, this could be a My Music Monday submission, but's kind of a filler post for the weekend.


BosGuy said...

Mr. Miklos is definitely easy on the eyes, but I don't quite get the video.

don said...

I have many of Arpads videos so I can say that he is quite the performer. I especially like the film he made with his ex-bf Colin O'Neal (sp?). He's a stud