Monday, January 02, 2012

My Music Monday

You gotta love the Dandy Warhols, if nothing other than their name.  Around since about the mid-90s, their arguably biggest "hit", "Bohemian Like You" surfaced in 2000 or so.

Clearly driven with pop sensibilities, much of their work are longer pieces that have structure, ramble a little, and then back to structure.  I find those to be mathematical in nature, but in a very pleasing manner.  Songs like "Love is the New Feel Awful" and "Holding Me Up" are great to be on the treadmill or elliptical while they play.  It doesn't hurt by the time one of those songs are done, so is one-third of your cardio routine.

Realizing those are not for everyone, I'm sticking with their "hit".  In theory, radio friendly, but I can't imagine the song was played on anything but college radio. I don't remember hearing it on any station that was not labeled "alternative".  Still it's fun.

The video itself is the uncensored version.  You get the lyrics highlighted, because another video version plays it like a karaoke.  In this version you get full frontal - male and female.   You've been warned.

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