Friday, November 18, 2011

A Stroke of Luck

It's been a tough week - work-wise, that is.   Yesterday I couldn't even break away to go to our anniversary dinner that 710 scheduled for us.  He's had a tough week too, so neither of us were too broken up about eating at home.  We just moved the reservation from last night until Saturday.

He did get me us a cake though. Yayyy.   I didn't get one of those for the actual wedding, if you recall.  I've been bitching and moaning about that for the last 364 days.

With no thought to a post today, I just thought I'd put up a video here.  It was sent to me from a woman who used to be in my department, but as you know, I moved on last June.  Jeri and I still talk weekly and I do enjoy her so.

This video might not be for everyone.  But most guys will certainly get it.   Enjoy.

Maybe I'll have words of wisdom tomorrow, but I wouldn't go holding your breath or anything.

Song by:  Garbage

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Anonymous said...

Genius. Does it come in Black?