Monday, November 14, 2011

My Music Monday

Inspired by sometime reader Brett R, (not the other Brett), I am going in a 1960s direction (again) for this week's selection.

I have zero idea why my parents had a Petula Clark record in our house.  I never thought they bought any music after Glenn Miller pulled an Amelia Earhart.

Perhaps they bought it for one of my sisters, but I never heard any of them play it.  I found it, and I played it - at the ripe old age of like 7 or 8.

How tuned in I was to my inner-chanteuse, even pre-puberty.  Don't tell me it's nurture over nature.

That record had some great tunes, like "Don't Sleep in the Subway", "Downtown" and my all time favourite song of hers, "My Love".  It was one of the first songs I illegally downloaded shared from Napster in its early incarnation.

While clearly I didn't know it when it was released in 1966, I was well familiar with it before we hit the next decade.  It still resides on my iPhone and iPod.

And playing the song in my car is one where I can sing along to it at the top of my lungs - and I do.  It never gets old.  It is one of the perfect pop songs of all time.


Birdie said...

Somehow I have managed to miss putting Petula Clark on my iPod. I'm going to fix that.

Will J said...

Petulia Clark was arguably one of the last popular singers in the Big Band tradition (Linda Ronstadt's retrospective with Nelson Eddy & his orchestra notwithstanding). Hence why your (and my) parents may have had the record. It is/was a good album.

I would pay money (some, not a lot) to see you sing this at the top of your lungs. Must be really, really sweet.

Will said...

I always loved her songs and her performance style.

The "other" Will

Ur-spo said...

And she is still alive and kicking, yes?

Unknown said...

I remember long afternoons in the fall where my mother would have Petula Clark playing on the radio in the kitchen. Her songs always put me in a better mood.

rebecca said...

Sweet thread! OH that 60's shimmy. SO you.