Monday, November 28, 2011

My Music Monday

Some of my selections have been limited due to the fact that I had been using YouTube videos to convey my musical choices.

As you know, not all songs have corresponding videos.  Or worse, they have fan made ones which are even crappier than the MTV generation of falling glasses of water that break onto hardwood floors - shown at different angles, then again in slow motion.  You know those early 80's to early 90's video-in-a-box kind of thing.

I am trying something new (for me) in this here blog, and this here post series I call My Music Monday.  I've embedded an audio player - and will on some of my subsequent MMM posts, at least when there isn't a good video.   Yes, Blobby (or his blog) has finally has arrived in 2004.

This song, "Farmer's Daughter", is a one-off by Fleetwood Mac, a tune that is not even theirs.  It is a cover of a barely known Beach Boy's song from 1963.

Fleetwood Mac released it on their 1980 Live record (a remastered version is on their re-released Tusk outtakes disk), and while it is done live, there is not really an audience for the performance.  It was recorded at a soundstage where only tour staff where about.

Still there is something to be said for the recording.  The three part harmony is done well.  Stevie Nicks could still carry a tune back then and had the ability to do it in a higher register than Lindsey Buckingham - though her harmony part does not do that here.

The arrangement is nothing like the Beach Boys original recording and there is minimal instrumentation here - John McVie on bass, Mick Fleetwood on some bongo-like drums and Buckingham on very light guitar.  As you'd expect with a Beach Boys song, the focus is on the harmonies and Fleetwood Mac carries that here.


Birdie said...

Something weird going on with your player: it shows as the page loads, then disappears. Can't get it stay long enough to play the song! Might be my browser—Safari—but maybe I'm not alone.

Where'd you get the player? I've always wanted to imbed my songs in my posts and never could.

Blobby said...

Maybe I don't have the "plug-in" on my Safari, but the player doesn't even show up when I launch that browser. I use Chrome and all is fine.

Birdie said...

Hey, the player's there and it works! The song? Two stars out of four.