Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is the last of the first anniversary posts.  Even I'm a little bored writing about it.

We got a nice card from Rebecca yesterday.  I am so bad about sending stuff out like this.  I remember the days,  just can't get it together to buy something to send out and then get it out the door, let alone on time.  I'm a social retard.

But the card itself - which you can't really read - was funny as hell.  The part you can read (and that does say '710' and not 'Flo') is nice.   The present she references is the lined white paper.

I'll let you think about that one, but it made us both howl.

And yes, we did do dinner.  I am glad we waited till the weekend to do it as opposed to trying to fit it in during the work week.  It was our second trip to Washington Place Bistro.  The space is nice, the service was flawless.  The food?  Eh.  It was nice, but I wasn't as wow'd as we had been the first time.  It was fine.

We each got dessert.  Why that might not seem like big deal for most, we rarely get dessert out when we eat.  That has never been our thing, as I would much rather load up on salad and bread.  710 got a doughnut bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.  I got a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis.  OMG, it was great.  It made me almost forget the average meal.

So the celebration is over.  Year one is over.  Now we just settle into a life of complacency, resentment and regret - just like every other married couple.

Yay us - we're living the dream.

Song by:  Suzanne Vega


cb said...

Isn't first anniversary "Paper"?

anne marie in philly said...

"Now we just settle into a life of complacency, resentment and regret - just like every other married couple." - yep.

that chocolate cake - OM NOM NOM!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the lyrics of We are the Champions by Queen. Mistakes... I've made a few.

wcs said...

Oh, the evil homosexual agenda strikes again! You've denigrated the sanctity of the Paper Anniversary. ;)

Cubby said...

Mmm, the cake looks dericious.

rebecca said...

Yay, I made the blog! And you and Flo laugh!!