Friday, October 27, 2023


I think we can all agree, no one is calling me an 'optimist'.........ever .

Yet, every now and then I continue to suprise myself, but not in a good way. 

You've seen it here over the Shrub and BLOTUS administrations. There are times I think that the GOP and their ilk can't get / be any worse than they have been. 

.....and I am continually proven wrong. I'm not sure if that makes me an optimist or just a moron. 

Case in point with the new Speaker. 

Let's start off admitting I was wrong that they'd give the job to Jordan. They still elected a election denying, January 6th affirming, anti LGBT and anti abortion guy. Put a singlet on him and let him condone rape and you basically have Jordan.  Or any GOPer these days. 

Did the GOP even want this guy?  When you're on your fourth candidate, to save any kind of face, you have to elect someone. they did. Right or wrong. 

This above headline isn't even from the Onion. That satirical site isn't clever enough to come up with shit like this. Honestly. 

I dare any journalist to ask the new Douche du Jour to provide the data behind school shootings and abortion. Tie this together for me with facts. Show me anything in which to back up your proselytizing. But this isn't about facts. It never has been. It's about riling folks. It's all they got - like carnies on the midway. 

Let's forget the fact that the Maine mass shootings murder of yesterday were at a bowling alley, so........did abortion do that too?  I haven't heard a beep from that c-u-n-t  Susan Collins about the killings in her home state. She's gotta be torn on what to say and do. Either way she'll flip flop. 

In my head, these turds are actually disgusted that flags are at half-mast for shootings like this. I thinking they're thinking it shows us as being 'weak'.  But much like this new guy, I have nothing to back up that statement. 

I'm not even addressing the procreation piece in that headline. 

I will say, if you women just did your part, there'd be fewer school shootings.  This is kind of all on your watch. 

For shame!

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