Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Ad of the Month

Rebecca tells me HBO (?) is remaking the Harry Potter series.  I want to say "boo", but who knows. Allegedly each book will be a series / season, not a single movie. And allegedly, they'll get into more book detail that the movies left out. 

We all agree that while we like the original stuff, we are not ok with JK Rowling. So, I'm not sure I'll give the new one a go, maybe just because of her. 

And of course, I have a soft spot for most of the original cast. I can live without Ginny Weasley. No one ever blames her for ruining all the prophecies......though they should. 

Tom Felton did a great job as Draco. I mean, he made you love to hate him. That was his job. And he did it well. Personally, what little I've seen of him as not-Draco, he seems like an affable chap. 

Still, a boy's gotta eat, so a boy's gotta work. Financially, for as often at the Potter series plays on tv, I'm sure he's fine. Even Harry, Hermione and Ron still work, so why not Draco? 

Felton is in a new Uber Eats ad, that has Potter themes, right down to a look alike diner where the trio of good guys take refuge after Bill and Fleur's wedding. 

g-d, I'm a geek. 


Travel said...

Cute ad. I might go for a series based on the books, the books were great fun.

VoenixRising said...

Right there with ya. No desire whatsoever. Rowling's stance on issues notwithstanding, the Potter series are classics - and you don't mess with classics. What is Hollywood's obsession with remaking everthing? "Oh, it's for a new generation!" Can't the new generation appreciate the classics as much as those who lived through their initial release?