Monday, October 16, 2023

My Music Monday

I'd say in the last 40 years - give or take - there hasn't been a week where I haven't said the opening line to "Sharky's Day" from Laurie Anderson

The line: "sun's comin' a big bald head". 

I most likely don't say it on grey or rainy days, but if there is a sun to be seen, those words cross my lips. 

I believe I have seen Anderson in concert more than any other performer. She just wow's me. I think the first time was at Mershon Auditorium at THE Ohio State University.  I went with my friend Jon. A guy sat in front of us wearing overalls and flannel. Jon turns to me and says, "do you think he thinks he's seeing Louie Anderson?".  Oh, we laughed. 

At another time, at Mershon Auditorium at THE Ohio State University, they put on a show about the history of music video. During, they played "O Superman" - all eight minutes of it. Jon and I loved it. When it was done, the guy behind us (or maybe in front) sighed and audibly says, "phew, I'm glad THAT's over". 

Last time I saw her, I went to Mershon Auditorium at THE Ohio State University and dragged Rebecca and Georty too.  Anderson was performing with the Kronos Quartet - whom I had never seen - in a piece about Hurricane Sandy, which wiped out everything Anderson had ever archived over her career. 

I have to admit, I was so psyched for my friends to see her and the show very much disappointed - at least me. 

"Sharky's Night" comes from her second disk, Mister Heartbreak. There is an official video for it, but meh - it was 1982 and it's just ok, though she had some ideas there that she'd incorporate to the tour to support the disk, which would become the movie Home of the Brave

From that concert is where I'm pulling the live version of "Sharky's Night" - and yes, you're required to watch the entire six minutes of it.  ....and if you have the chance, watch the entire concert film. 

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