Sunday, October 22, 2023


It's voting time. 

In Ohio, this time around, there are only two state issues:  reproductive rights and legalized marijuana. That's it. 

Sure, there are some local stuff,'s really about abortion........which you wouldn't need if you didn't get high and have unprotected sex!!!

I kid.  I kid. 

The right to even vote on reproductive rights was at risk for us this last August, but we had a majority vote on the vote to prevail. 

While our friends and ourselves live in liberal neighborhoods, as I go around town, I have yet to see more than one yard sign opposing our Issue 1. 

I do know our city prosecutor has vowed to NOT charge and prosecute people who get or aid abortions. I love him and don't even know him. I'm hoping come the day after the election it's a non issue, though I'm sure other crap will end up in the courts. 

I myself have a problem. Oh, I don't care how you see me vote. Yes, it's private, but yes, I'm voting to make sure women have a say with their own bodies.  

No, my mail-in ballot is defective. Well, not the ballot, but it's a two envelope return system. Both envelopes are to be sealed and untampered.......except that they're already sealed.........but my ballots on in either of them. The envelopes came that way. 

So I can't open them and tape them shut, as the Board of Elections won't accept my ballot. So now I have to try to get a new one, or vote in person, both of which might be cumbersome as the BoE already knows I have a ballot. 

I don't need to be implicated in some kind of Georgia vote fraud case, but I do need my vote to count. 

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Raybeard said...

From what I can see, the Repubs (other than those religious, nut-job, far-gone crazies) prefer to stay rather tight-lipped about the abortion issue, and when pressed prefer to divert to another subject. Can't for the life of me think why they're so shy about owning it!

Travel said...

Sounds like a reason to drive to the clerks office and be very polite.

James Dwight Williamson said...

You go to your polling place and surrender the ballot, and they will allow you to vote. I’d go to early vote if it were me.

Old Lurker said...

Shipping defective ballots to blue areas sounds like a clever way to suppress votes.

Ur-spo said...

good for you!
I hope it helps.