Saturday, October 21, 2023


We don't have a lot this week. Being out of town three-ish days limited the photo shoots, as Shep was at boarding school. 

Still, it should be enough to keep you entertained a little. 

Simon discovers the basement.  ......and loves it. 

Shep is part of the posse. 
I have a feeling the doodle runs the group. 

Simon looking big in my home office window. 

Two bros crashing. 


Song by: Puddle of Mudd


Raybeard said...

Even if there's just the one pic here which doesn't feature Simon, it's good to see sometimes where he doesn't take all one's attention - and what a fab picture that one is! Five enchanting doggie faces looking up to see what mood you're in - and what you're about to do next.

Travel said...

Crashing sounds like a good idea for this weekend.

GregM said...

Interesting design choice to have La Croix boxes decorate your basement stairs.

(I kid. I kid)

James Dwight Williamson said...

It’s still nice to get a Shep Simon Fix. Glad to see someone still uses their screens.