Thursday, October 19, 2023

Two Time Loser

I won't lie - I'm glad Gym Jordan is getting fewer votes for Speaker. 

A friend said they liked he'd been humiliated, but I think this guy is beyond the ability for that. Immune at this point, really. 

I got poo-poo'd by folks when I said he'd be Speaker some day. That days is coming. 

I still think it will happen. There's no one ele attempting, and at this point the House has been in crisis mode. 

In media - both legit and social - continues harp on that fact. Eventually, the GOP will look weaker and weaker and will elect him out of embarrassment of not being able to rule. 

Like Jordan, the rest of the GOP is shameless. 

Oddly, he has BLOTUS' endorsement. This I truly do not understand. 

Yeah, he's got that vote of confidence, but truly name me a single time when that endorsement went well for the candidate. Any of them. 

Soon enough BLOTUS turns on him, 

This is tried and true and yet everyone who gets one thinks they're the exception. This could work our way come November 2024 - mid-terms and all. 

Perhaps George Santos should run. He's been Speaker 8-9 times. 

Song by: Little Richard


Raybeard said...

BLOTUS sure knows how to pick/endorse 'em. Pick away! ('King Midas in Reverse' as the Hollies sang in 1967)

James Dwight Williamson said...

I guess we will see

Old Lurker said...

The counterexample is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is now governor of Arkansas and was endorsed by Trump during her campaign.