Tuesday, October 10, 2023

It's Only Rock 'N' Roll

.....but I like it. 

I ran another race over the weekend. Sunday to be exact. 

Saturday was the regular running group. We were supposed to go 10-12 miles. I opted for seven, as I semi-impulsively signed up for the Rock Hall Half Marathon, 10K or 5K. 

I opted for the middle one. 

A woman I've been pacing with on both Tuesday and Saturday runs (who is not my running wife, though maybe she is too?)  had been vacillating about doing the half. She's been training but has had no actual races for either the Spring or Fall running groups. Harriet was worried about doing a half, so I tried to talk her into the 10K, and if she did, I'd run it with her. 

Turns out we both signed up, but she wanted to do the half. Great for her. 

The seven miler the day before was chilly, but sunny. Race day? Chillier, no sun and lots of wind. And I mean lots of it. 

I actually had a mostly decent run. The first half was some of my fastest I've done. The second half - not so much. I was moving, but so was that wind. 20-30 mph headwind, and then sidewind and back to head. It was unrelenting. And cold. That slowed me down a bit, especially on the last two miles. 

Even so, I had a personal best. Yeah, it would have been better sans wind, but what are you gonna do. 

I opted to try to wait around for some of the folks from my running group, but the weather didn't make it easy. I was warm enough-ish when I was running, but sweaty and wind and standing?  Brrrrrr.  And they were about an hour behind me. 

Still I stuck it out even with no real way to keep warm. 

I have never helped coordinate one of these things, but.....................

If you're having a Rock Hall race, I dunno, shouldn't you open up the Rock Hall - even the lobby to keep warm?  Or afterwards?  With your registration you get a free admission, but it kind of has to be open to use it.  I heard they eventually opened, but it was normal business hours - and I was already at home in a hot shower by then. 

And my second note:  the music. 

It is the Rock and Roll Hall O'Fame. I dunno - maybe play some music from the inductees? 

I got "Footloose" (at least twice), "You Spin Me Round", and I shit you not, an extended remix of "Don't Stop Believing" ,   

Neither Kenny Loggins nor Dead or Alive ware in the Rock Hall. Ditto with Michael Fuckin' Buble, whom they also played. I find it hard to believe they couldn't use music from any of the hundreds of inductees that wasn't upbeat for the event. 

But I waited. And I'm glad I did 

Yes, they're all women who ran. I'm the only dude from our training group that ran this. And I was the only one not to do the half-marathon. 

I'm good with it. 

Song by: Rolling Stones


James Dwight Williamson said...

You’re doing great

Travel said...

You finished ahead of the 367,000 people in the city who didn't start.

Morty said...

Great pic! So wonderful you stayed to support your ladies.