Thursday, October 05, 2023


It's not just the kids who are changing their pronouns. 

Simon is no longer a cis-gendered pussy. He is a They/Them. Or an It now. He hasn't really told us how he wants to be identified. It's all very new to him. 

Yes, Simon got fixed. 

We are gauging he's around the 6 month mark. Well, others are saying that. I still think he's a month younger, but he is a big boy. I don't think he was two months old when he found me. 

But while he'll never be an outdoor cat again, he's never going to be a dad no matter what. 

We've never had a male cat, but we know they can spray and all, and you know, I'm good with him not. 

I don't know how, or if, his personality will change. He's this weird mix of super social and super bitey. 

He's not much of a cuddler.........yet. But he'll floop down in front of you and expose his belly. This, is a traip, by the way. Wrists are grabbed and he pulls you into his waiting mouth. Mind you, he never truly chomps down, never know. His claws, at this time, almost never come out either. 

Simon is the softest cat we've ever had. But I suspect our clothes will be covered in white hair. I'm ok with that. 

I do hope it will make him more cuddly. Tovah and Sophie always slept with me during the winter months and I loved it. I hope Simon finds me to be a warm cuddle guy who will let him move me around the bed at his will.  8 lbs vs well, not 8 lbs. 

We just finished a full day after his surgery, plus a half day. I haven't picked him up or anything, but he's around a lot. Not quite jumping on and off things, but seems no worse the wear. 

He's a better trooper than I would have been if someone took my sac. 

Song by: Sparks


Raybeard said...

I had my Sloopy done few months back (age unknown, prob. coupla years) and, like your Simon, has never been troubled by it, as though nothing happened - and to me will ever be a 'he'. Not been a sprayer but my eldest, Patchie (also doctored when young and now nearly 19) is still all over the place with his wee - doors walls, skirting boards, piles of books or junk - in any and every room, so it's a never-ending repetitive task of wet kitchen towels and de-odouriser spray. But, as is Sloopy, he's very affectionate so all is forgiven, though only just.

James Dwight Williamson said...

A very wise choice a spraying male cat even as adorable as Simon is a no.

Travel said...

Broke, not fixed. Bob Barker is smiling down on you.

Ur-spo said...