Friday, October 20, 2023


To be honest, I am a little shocked that Sydney Powell pleaded guilty to.......well........anything. 

I just figured anyone aboard the USS BLOTUS would just go down with the ship, because, well....Jim Jones, but with less money and less taste. Kool-Aid was the only beverage on that cruise. 

She wanted a speedy trail and she got one. It was supposed to start today - and then.......well, it didn't happen due to pleading guilty to being a fraud on multiple levels. 

Not only that, Powell isn't even the first charged to plead guilty. Some other no-name already did that. 

On the surface, this cannot be good for the other defendants. And for that, I'm slightly optimistic.!

I think six years probation was a super duper light sentence for this twat (will that get me a Blogger security check-in warning?). To be fair, it's a disservice to twats everywhere to lump her in with them. 

However, the there are few caveats to her sentence. Plea documents are make it clear she is to testify about her involvement - and those who were literally in the room with her:  Michael Flynn (yes!), the douchebag and Guliani. 

Honestly when is that last dickweed going to turn on BLOTUS?  No payments from his former client. Woefully in debt. Florida condo seized due to said debt. His ex-legal team suing him for payment. What the fuck else does BLOTUS have on this guy?  It must be something super big. 

Powell's attorney claims she was not the architect of this scheme, as some are portraying her and the evidence she presented to the prosecutors will prove that.  Here's hoping. 

This plea also put her and her co-defendants on the skids for some of the outstanding Dominion and other voting system law suits that are out there. 

Maybe six years probation isn't so bad if she doesn't have a dime to her name, but like Rudy. 

I only hope she's not falling on a sword for all the men in this trial. It wouldn't surprise me though. 

But here's hoping the rest start to fold like a house of cards. 

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Raybeard said...

This is 'good-ish' news. Let's see how things turn out, but at least it's another one down.

James Dwight Williamson said...

She did it to save herself doing time and probably plans to flip on the others.

Ur-spo said...

let us hope so.