Monday, October 30, 2023

My Music Monday

Oh it's Halloween-eve.  

I'm not a big Hallow-weiner, (see what I did there?) but now and then I play along.  ....and I'm always going to give out candy. 

Save "Monster Mash", I don't really know any other Halloween songs, though Kirsty MacColl has one called the name of the holiday, but it doesn't really fit and it hasn't aged as well as some of her other material. 

So, what the fuck - let's go with opening number from Rocky Horror Picture Show, "Science Fiction Double Feature". 

I first saw the movie in {gulp} 1980. (!!!!). While that was only five years after its release, I seemed way late to the party. 

At the time, you could only see midnight viewings and lord know how I got out of the house to see it. The movie wasn't playing anywhere near my small town, so my friend Tony and I trekked to the Heights Art Theater to see it. 

Ironically enough, I now live about five minutes from that. 

The "art theater" was anything but. All other times, it showed porn. Straight porn. Only on Friday and Saturday nights did they show Rocky Horror

I didn't know the songs. I didn't know the story. And was fully entranced by the whole thing.  

Of course, we had heard about (but didn't know) the audience participation. We had heard about the dressing up too - which we didn't do. It oddly seemed 'special' to us in the 216 when Janet (Susan Sarandon) covers her head in the rain with a copy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer

It takes very little to feel hometown pride. 

I would see the movie twice more before going to college, and only once more after getting there. Yes, I've seen it on TV, but it is not the same. I have no idea how, or if, the movie going audience has changed.   

And I'd get the soundtrack too. Richard O'Brien, who created the show and played Riff Raff also wrote a decent music show too. Oddly, everyone seems to know "Time Warp", which might be my second least favourite song on the disk, with Meatloaf's solo number taking the bottom of the heap spot 

But I love the song I selected (and what is the opening to the movie itself), and I still have huge affection for "Sweet Transvestite"  - Tim Curry was great. 

Happy Halloween, all. 


Anonymous said...

I saw it once in Glasgow (yes Glasgow). Let’s just say audience participation was de rigueur. What happened in Glasgow, stays in Glasgow. I hope.

Blobby said...

JP. YAY. Even if it left Glasgow, one could only pick up on 2-3 words of whatever they're trying to say.